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2013年の2ndアルバム『so are millions of us』がCDショップ大賞・甲信越北陸ブロック賞を受賞して以来、快進撃を続けてきたnoid。北陸新幹線の開通と共にインディ・シーンに新たなフロンティアを出現させた主催イベント『Magical Colors Night』には、of montreal、Mineral、+/-{PLUS/MINUS}、Aiming For Enrike、TOPS、HAJK、ROTH BART BARON、LUCKY TAPES、Awesome City Club、ザ・なつやすみバンド、UQiYO、カネコアヤノ、折坂悠太、王舟等、国内外の最前線アーティストを招聘。DIYの結晶のようなスタンスと、多彩なルーツを縦横無尽に掛け合わせたカラフルな音楽性で、静かな旋風を巻き起こしつつある。

2017年、4年ぶりとなる発表に合わせて、ボロフェスタ主催者でもあるSSWのゆーきゃんが加入、さらには京都の気鋭アーティストjunaidaがアートワークを手がけた3rd アルバム『HUBBLE』を&recordsより発売。

そして、2023年11月、4thアルバム『YAMI / YO / AKE』が完成。&recordsとTrapped Animal Recordsより日英合同リリース。初の試みとしてボーカルに成山 剛(sleepy.ab)、ギターに山内 憲介(sleepy.ab)の2人を迎え、 既にリリースされている楽曲「paradiselost」を再録。 またゲストミュージシャンに 須原杏(ASA-CHANG&巡礼等)も参加しており、アルバムのアートワークは、ROTH BART BARONの三船雅也が手がけている。

noid are:

エイジ : vocal, guitar

オギー : guitar, chorus

スズキ : bass, chorus

ゆっきい : keyboard, glockenspiel

フカチャン : trombone, trumpet

さんちゃん : drums, chorus

ゆーきゃん : lyrics, chorus

まりの (family) : trumpet, flugelhorn

Formed in Kanazawa, Japan. Their 2 compilation albums were released on Babyboom Records (UK) for worldwide in 2008. Their songs were played on the radio in so many countries like Scotland, French, Brazil etc.. 1st album "the space-elephant arrives at the moon" was released in April 2009. "wood world" o the album was No. 3 on the college weekly chart. They played at big summer festival in Japan called Summer Sonic in the same year.
Their activities have been based in their hometown Kanazawa. They have organized their own irregular events called Magical Colors Night. They have invited so many great acts from foreign countries like Of Montreal、Mineral, +/- {PLUS/MINUS}、my hawaii、TOPS 、HAJK、Aiming For Enrike etc..
Their 2nd album was released on moorworks in 2013. The album received a local award of CD shop award in 2014.
In 2015, they released split 7" with Kyoto based band "my letter" on & records.
In 2016, "the most quiet singer songwriter" You-Can, the organizer of one of the greatest festival in Kyoto called Boro Festa joined the band. Now they consist of 8 people in flux.
In 2017, 3rd album "HUBBLE" was released on & records.

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